The Mashed Potato || Abernathy and Conor

Abernathy found herself dancing small steps as she made her way out of her apartment in the direction the elevator to see Conor. The two of them hadn’t exactly seen much of each other since their last tryst, fond memories of her calling out his name came to mind as she thought about it, but this visit seemed to be strictly friend oriented, or at least that’s what she assumed since he seemed to be spending most of his time with Kat, the doctor and the woman who Abernathy couldn’t seemed to stand and for no suitable reason other than she just couldn’t. But it wasn’t like she had claim to him, they they did was a stress relieve, she has a feeling both of them had something they needed to get off of their chest that day that wasn’t just each other’s shirts and they were friends why ruin a perfectly good friendship?

She got off on Conor’s floor and made her way down the hall, her slightly annoyance  fleeing from her mind as she did an odd two step down the hall to his place and knocked on the door, waiting his answer.

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      Abernathy was surprised at herself when she gave her usual bright smiled and then a hugged him, giving a light kiss on...
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      Conor had already been in the kitchen when Abernathy said she needed a friend and some mashed potatoes. So, there was no...